Friday, January 30, 2009

The Foley Family!

Holy smokes have I had trouble writing this blog post. I have rewritten it about a million times!! Long story short, I moved from Franklin, Massachusetts to Hebron, Connecticut after my freshman year of high school thus losing track of so many of my early friends and the people I grew up with. Thanks to the beauty of Facebook I have reconnected with a lot of people that I grew up with and for that, I am beyond thankful. What is even more fabulous than the magic of Facebook, is knowing that the people I was friends with way back when are happy, fulfilled, and more beautiful than ever. Thank you Erin (and Paul) for inviting me back into your life if even for a short while. Your girls are so sweet and gorgeous and I am so happy that you have a wonderful life!! :) It was SO awesome to see you again!!! Thank you.

Enjoy the photos!






Though not the typical family portrait, I have to say it is one of my favorites ever!!! I love the reality of the moment!

Here's something a little different, what do you think?

Let the slide show begin!!!! :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happiness continued...

OH MY GOSH!! Where has the time gone! I started photographing Ayden when he was about 6 weeks he is 6 months old! Man does time ever fly when you are having fun!!! :)

Ayden was such a happy little clam on Saturday, and we got lots of smiles from him even when we ventured out into the cold! These darn New England winters make it a little impossible to take advantage of our beautiful outdoor surroundings - especially with the little ones! Oh spring, I so look forward to your arrival!

On with the photos...

The connections in this family are so beautiful and strong...

This guy can not resist his feet - with shoes or without. I love that he is being so pensive here while looking down at his feet.

Happy slide showing!!! Thanks so much, I can't wait to see you guys again soon! :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goodbye and Thank You 2008 *sniff*

My recent goal, with the start of the new year, has been to write out my 2008 accomplishments and at the same time, define the things I would like to accomplish in 2009. It is always hard for me to put into words my goals and desires, I can see them in my mind, I definitely have vision, but actually stating them and then publishing them on my blog allows me to fail. And that is pretty dang scary. (Listen, I already showed you something terrible this week, so cut me some slack! See bad photos below.) So I have not yet decided if I am actually going to let you guys read everything, but I am going to write about what I think were my most important accomplishments of 2008.

The winner of Katie Slater’s MOST important accomplishment of 2008 (not to demean or offend my small 2008 accomplishments) is…drum roll…… (okay, here it goes, don’t judge me as I am sure I am going to sound a wee bit crazy to some of you out there.) …

This year I finally allowed myself to listen to my voice. MY voice. That quiet call in my heart.

Is this cheese overload? Do you think I am totally crazy yet? No? Okay. Good. I’ll keep going…2008 was the year that I finally let myself turn in the direction that I had wanted to go, and I did it with conviction. I didn’t let anyone's voice get in my way. For me, it was a first.

So here’s the rundown of my accomplishments…
1. Listened to my voice.
2. Committed myself to going to the Grand Canyon. (Something I have felt pulled to do for years.)
3. Actually went on the trip with the Sierra Club, and survived! (Blog post coming about this, I swear!)
4. Gained a new sense of self and most importantly a sense of confidence and empowerment that I had NEVER experienced before. Truly amazing.
5. Decided that I needed to have a DSLR and bought one. (Thanks Chris! xo xo)
6. Reached out to friends, made myself really vulnerable – but received positive response.
7. Started (and continued) a blog.
8. Reached out further and didn’t fail.
9. Found a true passion.
10.Went kayaking.
11. Learned a sh*tload of stuff.
12. Reconnected with old and very special friends, made new friends.
13. Felt really, really happy.

As for info on the Grand Canyon trip, it truly changed my life, but I owe the experience an entire blog post so I won’t say much now. But here’s what I can say: looking back, I know why I had to go to the GC. It was in the canyon, drinking water infested with dead mosquito larvae; backpacking further than I ever have before; living 90 miles away from any sort of civilization for 8 days; living disconnected from my family, my children, and friends; stepping out of my comfort zone; and climbing up those last incredibly steep steps that I found an inner strength, listened to my own voice (again!), and breathed life into a completely undiscovered sense of self and confidence. For that reason alone, it was a most amazing year.

So I want to encourage you, my friends, if you are not already listening to your voice please go do what you have to do to find your voice, listen to it, and act upon it. Find the courage to take a scary step. Get out of your own way, because truly, YOU are the only person holding you back.

If I can do it, you can too. I have faith in your inner strength and courage. I know it's there. :)


And lastly, as a goodbye to my 2008, I must express a deep, heartfelt, and tear-inducing gratitude to my clients, friends (old and new), hubby-hubster, and family. Thank you for your support, encouragement, feedback, patience, love, honesty, and most of all, time. I know that I am not really anyone special, or famous, or wonderfully talented but you all make me feel that way, and for that I am forever grateful and indebted. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sometimes I like mistakes the best.

Here is my Charch, in a bath full of bubbles with bubbles all over his face, in two extremely overexposed photographs. I really like them, but they were a complete and utter mistake. But, I'm not sure they were a complete failure. Let's put it this way, if I had properly exposed them, I would be exposing you to the very grim fact that my ancient tub is (over)due for a scrub.

Please forgive me dear blog readers...sometimes I like mistakes the best.

Sorry if this has been eye torture for you.




Friday, January 2, 2009

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend.

It is with a heavy heart that I write these words. This morning my parents and sister said goodbye to their beloved Molly Dog. Despite years of medical issues (Addison's Disease, hip dysplasia, severe arthritis, etc.) Molly was peppy, spirited, and bright and brought much love to my family. She served as a consistent, dependable companion to my sister, brother, Mom, and Dad through some challenging life experiences; was a loyal guard dog protecting her home from anyone who dared to knock or ring the doorbell; she ensured my mom never talked on the phone for too long; loved Cheez-Its, Goldfish, and anything else that fell on the floor; and she always made sure Max and Annie knew who was boss. My kids and my nephews have never known my parents house without Molly, she has been there since they were born and they will sorely miss her.

Molly, you were such a good girl, you'll be missed terribly but there is nothing better than knowing that you are no longer suffering and that your soul is in peace.