Sunday, December 28, 2008

Closing Shop on 2008 Session Pricing!

I really hate talking money. So I am going to make this quick. Really quick.

Please email me (see email address to the right of the page) before January 1st, 2009 (that means by December 31st) to inquire about booking a session with 2008 session and print prices.

Your session can be booked for a 2009 date but beginning January 1, I will be raising my prices. All of you who know me know that I am concerned with being able to offer photography to EVERYONE. That means I do my best to keep everything reasonable and affordable.

As always, email me with any questions you may have! Thanks so much! :)

xo, Katie

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Yay! This week, these days are finally here! I feel like a kid in a candy store! I can't wait to give the gifts I have picked out for the people that I love! I often dread the weeks leading up to Christmas - the crowded stores, overplayed Christmas music, and fake trees but don't get me wrong, I love Christmas! I love feeling, seeing, and trying to saddle the excitement of my children, I love the passion my husband has for all music Christmas, and I love the energy that surrounds us during the holidays!

So, my friends, let there be CHRISTMAS! I wish you the happiest of days, peace in your homes, and joy in your hearts! Merry Christmas!!! xo, Katie


Monday, December 22, 2008

Broken Record

Like a broken record stuck at the same note...this photo continues to pop up into my mind. I'm not sure what it is but there is something about it, I just LOVE it. It's not the typical photo to love. But then again, I am not the kind of girl who loves typical. So there, that's it, it's an atypical kind of photo. That's why I love it.

Happy Monday!!

xo, Katie

Friday, December 19, 2008


As I sit here, fighting what seems awfully similar to the flu, here is what is going on in my backyard...







Have a great weekend!



Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Preview **Slide Show Added**

This weekend marked the last of my scheduled 2008 photo sessions. These past 3 months or so have been an incredibly amazing time in my life and while I am sad to finish up with my scheduled sessions, I am, never-the-less, very happy. Happy to spend some quality time with my children, husband and family over the holidays; happy to be going in to a new year with some fresh ideas, exciting projects, and fantastic clients; and incredibly happy that this year has been the exact turning point that I had been searching for. I can only imagine what next year will bring!

So anyway enough about me!! Helloooooo!!!! Here are a couple of the photos we took over the weekend with another post and slide show to follow in a couple more days...

Enjoy!!! :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Taking a Pregnant Pause **Gentle viewers proceed with caution**

My super beautiful, ripely pregnant photography partner-in-crime Andrea, allowed me to photograph her baby mama goodness today. While I would love to be able to post many of the photos I am only posting several of the coolest ones.

**PLEASE READ** If you are not comfortable viewing artistic representations of a partially nude pregnant woman, please do not scroll down any further. While you will not be assaulted by any obvious body parts, several of the photos do reveal a bit more than my typical blog posts. For those of you who will not be offended at the imagery below...enjoy the simple, classic, and not-often-enough displayed beauty of a woman pregnant with her first child.

Congrats Ken and Andrea - you are in for the bumpiest, most fun, fast, amazing, and scariest ride of your life! You are going to love being parents!

Buckle up...this ride's about to begin... :)

Have a fabulous weekend, y'all!!!!



Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I am so thankful that I can not remember the feeling of my teeth breaking through the tender skin of my gums. Obviously, it is something that we all go through, but during the days that those pesky teeth are making their debut appearance, life is a bowl of rotten, mushy cherries. Unfortunately, on the day when I went to photograph this little guy and his family, he was experiencing some major teething pain. FORTUNATELY though, he was such a merry trooper and despite waking up a slew of times during the night, he (and his parents!) put on happy hats and pulled off some pretty great shots!

Our photo shoot was truly an adventure. This family lives in a gorgeous part of Massachusetts where there are fields, mountains, and barns galore. It truly is a completely beautiful area. After spending some time inside we decided to take our minds off of our teeth by venturing outside and changing up the scenery a bit. We found a great barn with a field in the back, and then we went and fed the horses across the street. Let's get to the photos...


Thank you C, M & W for sharing your day! I hope you enjoy your photos and slide show (don't forget to turn the sound up!)! xo, Katie

Sunday, December 7, 2008

This makes my heart smile...

So does this, my lovely mom with our newest family member Cian...

Hope you all had a great weekend!!



Friday, December 5, 2008

The Story of a Wedding

This post captures a tiny piece of the photographic story of the last wedding I shot this year. I served as second shooter to Andrea Walpurgis of Shades of Images (thank you Andrea!!), and it was only my third wedding. Ever. This was the wedding that cemented in my mind the fact that I DO want to shoot weddings for a living. But at this point I can only hope and dream that I will. So if you want to help me out by hiring me, or referring me -- I promise I'll love you forever and I'll work my tail off for you... and I sincerely mean it. From the bottom of my heart...

So without further ado, these guys were an absolute blast! They were happy, fun, excited, passionate, and creative - all the things I completely love about people. The wedding took place at Zukas Hilltop Barn in Spencer, Massachusetts - what a gorgeous place to get married!!! I posted a few images from their wedding at the end of October, but here are a few more... Enjoy!!!

Getting ready...

The details in Katie's dress were so beautiful...

Last minute touches...

Cutie pie flower girl...

Taking off after sealing the deal...

Love the excitement here...

First Dance...

Happy accident...

Katie and her dad danced to Guns N' Roses "Sweet Child"...

Helllloooo sassy...

And finally, their dogs are such a huge part of their lives that they included them in their wedding ceremony...

Kate & Jesse - I can only hope for your marriage to be as fun, beautiful, and passionate as your wedding was! It was wonderful to meet you both!