Tuesday, March 31, 2009


They thought he was a Marine (turns out he was Army). They said he was structured, disciplined, edgy, and mean (turns out he happens to be one of the nicest, most giving guys I know). We were all nervous; we cleaned a little harder, gave better customer service, and even stood a little straighter. We were preparing for the worst. We were afraid we were about to inherit one of the meanest manager's out there. Turns out the best part of my life was about to start...

I knew he was going to be there that night that I went into work, maybe it was a Monday, but I can't really remember now. I worked there part time, was in a relationship, and was really struggling with what I was going to do next in my life. Little did I know that I was rapidly traveling down a road that had a hairpin turn so sharp it was going to alter my life. When I walked around the corner towards the bar in that restaurant in Glastonbury, CT there it was - the rest of my life, staring me right in the face. The most profound memory from that first night that I met him was the feeling of comfort that resonated deep in my soul. From the first time I looked at his face, into his eyes I felt comfort. I felt like I was home. I KNEW I was home. On the drive home from work that night, I imagined myself married to him. While I may not have consciously realized what I was doing; something in me knew that I was going to marry this man. That I had found him.

The funny thing is, is that we were both born in Springfield, Massachusetts and lived there at the same time. We went to the same library, same parks, and same stores. I often wonder how many times we may have passed each other en route to a destination about town. I love to think that we may have brushed arms, touched the same books, or even been in the grocery store at the same time. He with his long hair and freckles and me with my bony knees and pony tails. He with his friends and me trailing behind my mom.

Fast forward a bunch of years and here we are today. I am still home. I am still comfortable, safe and secure, and still madly in love with my very best friend in the whole entire universe. Yet, I am so much richer than I was on that day when we met. I don't mean that in the monetary sense. I mean that in the heart and soul sense. I have a wealth of love not only from him, but from the family that we have created together. Our sons and all of the little animals that are a part of our family as well. I am such a lucky girl. I have someone who listens to me, who cares for me, who encourages me, who looks over my shoulder, and who tells me and shows me that he loves me every day. He deals with my distaste for cooking, he puts up with the fact that cleaning isn't usually my number one priority, and he tries to make do with my inability to organize pretty much anything. But even still, he loves me. And I know it. How great is that!!

Chris. My Chris. I love him with all of my heart and soul. xoxoxo. Happy anniversary honey!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Black & White: A Family Shoot

I'm not exactly sure what has gotten in to me. Fist of all I don't post in like three years and second of all I create an all black & white blog post? Huh? So not like me, but it is what it is!

I tagged along with Carla during this family shoot and had a super fun time as we got to know this cute little family. Everything about them is so dang cool, from the kids names: Gus, Sophie, and Alice to the tiniest little story-telling details on every wall and in every room. These guys were so awesome; when I grow up, I wanna be just like them.

Here we go!

Mr. Gus and his amazing coconut!

Sisters: Sophie & Alice!

My newest little friend (she liked to hold my hand!) - isn't she beautiful!

A quiet moment with Gus.

This is the amazing Sophie and boy, does she exude some quiet confidence. She has some majorly great things in store for her, I just know it!

So cute!

And my new little friend gave me some amazing moments to photograph. She just stuck by my side the whole day and loved up my camera.

My favorite little gem of the day...

Thanks for reading! :)