Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Marchese Family

Sisters are different. They heard the sobbing in the darkness.
They lived through all your triumphs, all your favorites,
all your loves and losses. They have no delusions.
They lived with you too long.
And so, when you achieve some victory, friends are delighted -
but sisters hold your hands in silence and shine with happiness.
For they know the cost. - Pam Brown

I love these sisters. I have too many favorites from this shoot I had so much trouble choosing which ones to blog.

This one makes my heart skip a beat. I can just see it huge on a wall, and I love it!

And this one, distracted me so much yesterday. I know it's a little abstract and strange to post a blurry photo, but it has been so inspiring to me - there is a whole blog post lined up just about what this photo made me think and feel.

To the Marchese family - you guys were so fun to work with!! You have two fantastic, sweet, and beautiful little girls with a very special relationship. Thank you so much for having me over! I hope you like your photos! There are many more to come! :)




Joanne said...

Very Pretty!

Three Scobeys said...

And you have done it again. So so so so so beautiful. How do you capture relationship like this!?

BeyondTheLens said...

Again with the insane post processing!!!! LOVE!

Erik Maziarz said...

gorgeous. you have such a talent for photographing kids and families! great job!