Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Boys. My boys. My two, not-so-little-anymore, little boys. My WHOLE life is about boys. Boy clothes, boy toys, boy smells, boy language - you name it - boys.

When I was a teenager my mom may have told me, more than once, that my whole life was about boys, but that was different. Really different. Back then I just wanted boys to like me, I wanted them to think I was cute, and funny, and creative, and HOT. But it was hard to get them to like a tall, stringy, big-eyed girl whose ears stuck out a little too far, whose eye makeup spoke a little too loud, whose cheeks glowed a little too red, whose body was far from curvaceous, and whose gangly awkwardness got in the way of even walking down a school corridor in a normal, far-from-hot, fashion.

I guess today we could say not much has changed. Though I wear less eye makeup my ears still stick out a little too far, my cheeks are still red, and I never found those womanly curves I had been looking for. BUT my life is still about boys and trying to get them to like me. While I don't doubt for a minute that my boys love me, I am extremely confident in the knowledge that they do not like my camera. And when I have my camera pointed in their direction, they surely do not like me. Oh well, such is life. With boys.

For this round of camera + boys I told them we were going on a photo adventure. Adventure is a boy word, right? Well, to my kids, adventure means constant running, jumping, exploring, etc. it does not mean standing still, turning towards me, looking at my lens, etc. But they braved a freezing cold, windy winter day. For me. I won't tell you about all the whining I heard though, because then you might think my boys are kinda girlie or something. ;) Trust me, as a girl, I have done my fair share of whining. And no - they didn't learn it from me. Or did they?

Um, holy sunset, Batman.

Yup, he's in midair.

yeah, not my photo op outfit of choice, but DANG, it was cold!

Yup, that's a little tiny boogie. Thanks for noticing! :)

And just because I think this is a pretty photo...




Orchard Cove Photography said...

Pretty light, boys, and booger :)


Robin Dini Photography said...

beautiful Katie!!!

E. Broderick Photography said...

What a fun post! Finn also hates to pose for me. Those monkeys!

These shots are great. Nice sky. I am surprised your fingers did not get stuck to your camera, it was freakin' cold!! But worth it!

Traci @ Tru Blu Photography said...

Katie your boys are just so sweet. What a fun "adventure". Thanks for sharing --great sunset shots. . . how beautiful!!!

Sarah McCoy Photography said...

Great shots Katie. What sweet boys you have :)

Kim said...

I love these!! Love the sky...the boys...everything!!

Great and awesome job!

Val McCormick Photography said...

Those are so perfect Katie! I Love them! That's what I need to do, is take my boys to open field and hope for beautiful light. Hope you are going to have these on your walls soon!