Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two hours in the life of Slater. WARNING: Incredibly Uninteresting. Serious.

Wanna see what happened here in Slaterville today? Come on, I know you do!!!! I took my camera along on our errands today. Here goes...

First stop, (oops not really an errand) my favorite fast food stop, Taco Bell!!! Yeah baby!!! Don't judge!

Oh, what's my little Charliepants eating? A taco!!!!! The taco doesn't fall far from the tree! He sure has his momma's love of mexican.

Beware this next photo is incredibly interesting. Thank you Taco Bell for the following wetnap and breath mint - which Charlie immediately stole and ate.

On to Tarjay (the most upscale retail establishment in all of Enfield! Serious!) where we run into a guy feeding seagulls from the window of his car. Awesome.

Tarjay's aftermath, though perhaps this photo would have been more effective if I had taken a photo of my empty wallet. :/

We let the dog out...

We let the dog in... (love my little Annie Blue and her one blue eye!)

Charlie had a popsicle.

Jack came home from school.

I got Jack a popsicle too, and then proceeded to leave the freezer door open for about 10 minutes. Don't you totally love my ghetto freezer and it's accompanying mess? I don't.

Jack crackin' up at one of my super funny jokes. ;)

Jack and I making faces in front of the camera for a couple minutes. Does Tarjay carry Botox? Would anyone like to give me some Botox? PLEASE?

And that concludes story hour folks. Love ya all!


Orchard Cove Photography said...

You are too funny - my favorite is you leaving the freezer open :)

e. broderick photography said...

How fun! I love the "Day In the Life" theme. I love the shot of Jack's little face in the door crack. And that series of you two at the end is adorable! (Also love Charlie and his popsicle. So cute!

carla ten eyck said...

I laughed out loud at the one of Jack coming home from school and his little face all stuck in the door!!!

And yes, your freezer needs like Amanda or Robin, like STAT! But so does mine

Love the seagulls, and that you said 'awesome' and that I totally heard you in my head saying that, and that I laughed out loud at that one too!!


Betsy Jo said...

I came across your blog; I remember you reading your 'obituary' at Spread the Love. Like you, I'm really new at the whole photography journey, and I think what you're doing is brave and beautiful! I'm glad to see you attended a Ten Eyck Tuesday; I get to go next month, and I'm SUPER excited. Your boys are adorable, and it makes me happy that you admit to eating at Taco Bell! ;) Have a lovely weekend.

Robin Dini Photography said...

this is such a cute post! i love a good day in the life post :) love the glimpse into the life of a momma.

craving taco bell now...thank you :)