Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sir William at 5 Months

Without further ado please let me introduce you to little William - one of the happiest babies on the block! His bright, twinkly blue eyes, and peaceful happy demeanor make him super special! Take a look!

He is super expressive too!

Outside with mamma!


Man, look at these eyes! Some kids just have the most amazing inquisitive eyes - Will sure is one of those little guys! (Okay, so all of that just rhymed, and I'm going to leave it that way!!)

One of my many favorites from the day!

The fam!

Thanks Greg, Nora and William! I hope you enjoy your photos )there are many more to come!)! Thanks for being so patient!!! :)




Joanne said...

What a cutie pie! Beautiful photos...what a great keepsake for them!

Robin Dini Photography said...

oh my goodness. How freakin' adorable is William!? LOVE that first shot.

Brianna Phelan said...

Hello cutest baby ever. Little William is adorable :)

Erik Maziarz said...

what a cutie! great shots!

Eileen Broderick said...

What a peanut! Love that sweet little face. I LOVE the shot (second to last) of him in his mom's arms and the sun just beaming down on them. That is incredible. Awesome session, Katie.

daria said...

These are soooo adorable!!
Hope you are having a wonderful summer, Katie!