Friday, August 21, 2009

Emily and Nick: A Wedding

Can I just say I won the lottery!! When Sara Code-Kroll from Growing Tree Photography asked me to second shoot a wedding with her (she captures and creates such awesome, emotional, and really pure imagery - go take a look!), I was excited - but when I saw who, what, and where I would be shooting I was uberly (is that a word?) excited! Take a look!

Um, really? Yes, really.

Oh - um really? Yes, really. Again. (Emily is just about to see her hubby-to-be for their first look! Thank you seagull.)

Sara expertly orchestrated all of the bridal party shots prior to the ceremony while we were out on a lovely jetty in Branford. Sara took the girls and I had the guys.

We all headed over to the ceremony.
Right before her walk down the aisle:

Isn't this the moment that every girl dreams of? I absolutely love her face here:

We ducked out for a few bouquet shots while at the New Haven Country Club (a stellar venue, with amazingly thoughtful and fun staff - by the way!!!) This was the shot I set up - Sara had some beautiful ones too!

Thank you Sara!!!!! I had a blast with you! I can't wait to shoot together again! Congrats Emily and Nick!!




Kim said...

LOVE them!! Girl, you are AMAZING!!

carla ten eyck said...

Your details are crazy pretty and the one of her right before she goes down the aisle is amazing!!

Robin Dini Photography said...

the emotion is priceless! love what you captured. the light in the getting ready shots...amazing. Way to rock out the dress/shoe combo shot. Fabulous job honey!

michelled said...

Hi, Katie. I discovered your blog from a link to the slideshow you did for the Lemires. First of all, you lucky dog for getting to photograph little Jacob. Nothing cuter than him. Second, your photography is great! I had fun scanning your blog. I love photography and started a blog a year ago. I am also hooked on reading blogs too! Anyway - I'll be back!

Beyond The Lens said...

Love the butter light in the shoe/dress shot. Again hats off to ya girl!