Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Thoughts & Random, Incredibly Uninformative Information

Okay, it's been a crazy week which explains my lack of posting...I'm going to try something new this week and maybe make it a regular "column" on my blog...we'll see, I'm kind of a commitment-phobe but maybe this will work for me. In Thursday thoughts I will share quotes, other people's inspiring blog posts, and just random thoughts and photos from my life. Let's get this ride started.... woo hoo!


This week, my internal mantra has been "Safe is Risky." When I said that out loud to my husband he disagreed and went off on a tangent about how safe is safe, yadda, yadda, yadda. Well, it comes from the book The Purple Cow, by Seth Godin. I have been reading this intermittently between working my daily deadlines, not cleaning my house or doing laundry, and being a mommy to my darling, yet psycho monkeys. Anyway, that small sentence, safe is risky, has stuck with me and here's why I think it works for me. Safe is comfortable, warm, and easy. Risky is cold, frightening, and potentially dangerous. But who has ever gotten anywhere by staying warm and cozy on their couch? I've decided that by spending my life holed up in my safe cocoon of happiness (or unhappiness), that I may not ever do what it is that I really want to do. So I've decided to take my head out of...the sand, and take one or even two small risks a day. So far, so good I'm happy to report!! I've got some exciting things on the horizon! :) Yay!


Random tidbit of mildly disturbing news: Yesterday, while my sons and I were riding bikes around our neighborhood, I watched my eldest son accidentally hit a dog. Yes folks, he hit a dog while riding his bike. Not hard I must say. THANK GOD! But none-the-less it scared the daylights out of him and he hopped right off of his bike and ran after the dog to make sure it was okay. The dog was totally fine, but Jack's heart was bruised and he cried when we got home...I'm not sure who I felt worse for, the dog, or Jack. If this is any indication of the type of driver he is going to be as he gets older, I'm already afraid. Here's an odd photo of Jack getting his daily dose of fruit. He really is a great kid with a warm and sensitive heart who would truly be devastated if he had hurt that dog. Jeesh, he wigs out when we suck a bug up in our Bug Vaccuum (Golly gosh, I love the Bug Vaccuum!)...


I absolutely hate bees!! I have this intensely strong fear of them and I'm really not too sure why. This is the time of year when bees in New England are drunk flying and acting very strange and of course one landed on my leg yesterday. I freaked and Charlie, my youngest, managed to save me from the bee! My little hero!


In other news you most likely do not care to know...Chris and I were cleaning out some pots in the backyard (Okay, I confess, Chris was doing the cleaning, as I have a severe allergic reaction to anything remotely close to cleaning. I kid, I kid. No I don't. Yes, I do. No, I don't.) Here's what Chris found...amazing, huh????? I have a gazillion photos of these little mice, I just couldn't get enough...

It was so cute, but that momma mouse was so worried, we covered her back up and put the whole hanging pot out in the backyard near the woods. Ahhh, new life. So beautiful to me!


In my blog lineup and in no particular order: the life changing Grand Canyon trip I took this year, the photography superstars in my life, a gorgeous maternity photo shoot, a new baby, a brother and a sister, this upcoming weekends wedding, and a Charlie-does-Conan video...stay tuned!


Off to watch my DVR'd Survivor...yes, I still watch that show and it remains a favorite. Does anyone else still watch it? Nothing like a little brainless TV watching with my hubby. Ahhh...


Jess said...

Katie, I followed your link from the comment you left at our friend Pioneer Woman's site. I'm so glad I stopped by! Your pictures are breathtaking, you are able to capture so much emotion.

But...please help...what ARE those little babies you took a picture of? Squirrels? Forgive the uneducated ;)

Am looking forward to checking out your blog again. Take care!


Katie Slater said...

Thanks Jess! Great to hear from you! Those little babies are actually mice! Oops, I guess I neglected to mention that and will amend the post immediately!!!

Thanks for the love! :) Take good care,


Donna Boucher said...

I am loving your photography! So many beautiful shots!

The picture with the boy with the orange in his mouth....totally fantasticlly tremendous!!!