Thursday, April 16, 2009

Head Shots & Cute Kids in CT

So what started off with some traditional head shots for a new job ended in what you could call some of the cutest, funniest kids in CT! Take a look!

Here's Dad in just a couple shots...

And here is a cutie little 4 month old. This little man , only at 4 months old was basically sitting up all by his onesies. He is a strong little dude!!!


And this post wouldn't be complete without little miss. Check her out!

I have a thing for half faces lately... not too sure why. I pretty much adore this photo with all my heart.

Thanks for having me guys!!! Looking forward to this weekend! :)



kim said...

I love the half face thing.

Erik Maziarz said...

BEAUTIFUL shots. the last one takes the cake.