Thursday, April 23, 2009

Miss Renee

Love abounds for little Miss Renee! She is one lucky little cookie with the biggest, most reflective, and beautiful blue eyes going! She is such a sweet little girl...check her out!

Nothing like a little Momma love!

Now, Renee is the first grandchild for the grandparents on her Dad's side and ummm, it shows! I am not sure I have ever, EVER seen such a strong and beautiful connection between a grampy and his granddaughter as I saw in these two. Renee lit up when she saw her gram and gramp and to hear them talk about her! Boy, oh boy, she is one lucky little peanut! Check out this little connection that I am talking about!

Here is Renee in Gram's antique wicker chair. At this point in our day she had had enough of me and my camera and was just as chill as could be.

A formal little photo...

Just chillin! See daddy's reflection in her eyes?

At the very end of our session she started making the cutest little faces. Renee, you are too cute! I hope I get to see you again soon!

Slideshow to come once I figure out FTPing on my new computer!!! :)


Betsy Jo said...

I LOVE these! So beautiful! And the baby is so adorable... 'Love the new look of the blog template, too!

Kim said...

You've been busy while I have been gone. WOW!! LOVE the new look.
The pictures are awesome!! Great job!!

Brianna said...

These are way too adorable for words!

e. broderick photography said...

KAtie--these shots are amazing. The one her with her Grampa must mean the world to them. Such an awesome moment to capture. Renee is just about as cute as they come. I'd like to order one just like her! ;-)

Awesome job.

Robin Dini Photography said...

i just love the many faces of cute are those expressions??

carla ten eyck said...

The one of her and her grandpa is such a brilliant catch- the close ups of her eyes are breath taking, such detail!

Great job