Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jaime and Jim: A Wedding

Jaime and Jim began their marriage under a beautiful tree on the campus of Hampshire College in Amherst in late September. Then they celebrated all night long in The Red Barn also on the campus. Graham and I enjoyed our day with Jaime and Jim and the rest of their fun and loving family and friends!

Some details:

We fought for this shot as the elevator door kept trying to close! Finally, we won!

Jaime starts to get ready with the lovely ladies at Salon 241 in Northampton. I WILL get my haircut with them in the next couple of weeks!! They were awesome!

The bird cage veil is carefully placed:

Graham spent a little time with the guys and got both of these cute shots:

Before we left Hotel Northampton for the ceremony we snagged a couple of shots of the gorgeous and glamorlicious Jaime:

(This happens to be one of my favorite shots of the day)

As the ceremony began Jaime and her Dad had to walk like a mile to where Jim waited ever so patiently for her. Of all the shots I liked this one the best!

Love the moment when the freshly married couple first turns to their guests...

After Graham and I shot family photos we spent a little time with Jaime and Jim.

Here is Graham's angle:

Another favorite of the day:

Graham suggested we take them back under the tree, I love his take:

My take:

We headed back toward the barn after we finished our little photo session:

Let the dancing begin!

And the toasting too! These beautiful little cups (goblets?) had been passed down through generations of married folks on Jim's side of the family, they were a really important detail of the reception.

Hi B.C. Starr!

During the reception I like to make a point of grabbing a scene setter shot. Since handy, dandy Graham had brought along his tripod, he threw his camera on top of it and out we went to shoot! How awesome os this shot that Graham got!!??

And finally, my outdoor, at night portrait:

Jaime and Jim, thank you so much for an awesome day, you guys were wonderful! I wish you all the best in your marriage! :)




Anna Sawin said...

Holy cow, I can't believe the details of these shots! Framing her eye in the hairdresser's earring, and the AMAZING off-camera flash at the reception, just sensational. I am on my little laptop, and this is so amazing I need to go fire up the bigmac to see this on the giant screen!

Erik Maziarz said...

a favorite post! incredible details, stunning ceremony shots, and super portraits. love that getting ready shot through the earing. great job!

Eric Foley said...

Totally blown away Katie! This is the best post I've seen anywhere on any blog in a long while start to finish. Nice job!

e. broderick photography said...

Yum. These are great!! Love her style--the veil and the dress and her hair and make-up--perfect. You and Graham did an awesome job--love all of your fancy-pants off camera flash. And this is a beautiful setting...Nice!

(P.S. I tried to leave this comment first o your Carla-Blog but it said I had to be logged in first?!)

Julie Gerleman said...

Oh Katie how I wish you could photograph my upcoming wedding. Your work is sublime.

Beyond The Lens said...

INSANE!!!! Way to rock the shizzel out of that video light...Damn girl!