Wednesday, October 21, 2009

photographs are:

proof that we loved, we laughed, we cried, we lived.

proof that we were children, wore pigtails, lost and grew teeth, scraped our knees, caught butterflies and fireflies, had sleepovers, and birthday parties at McDonald's.

proof that we loved puppies that turned into aged, sick dogs, cuddled kittens that morphed into fat, grumpy cats.

proof that we wore silly hats, creative halloween costumes, fell for the latest trends, went to proms, got new cars, skated in ice skating shows, earned our orange belts.

proof that we walked in the Grand Canyon, vacationed in Florida, parasailed, flew to Ohio, spent a night in a California vineyard, went to Paris, lived in London.

proof that we wore a big white dress, cried happy tears after putting it on, trembled down an aisle with our parents and back again with our beloved spouse, and celebrated all night with our closest family and friends.

proof that we bore children, happily gained 60 pounds, had big huge crooked bellies and outie belly buttons, had c-sections, recovered, and thankfully, proof that ultimately we lost those 60 pounds too.

proof that our children took their first breath or didn't, that they sported cone shaped heads, and that they filled our hearts with an amazing and unmatched love from the very first moment we met them.

proof to our grandchildren and their children that deep love and happiness existed within their family roots, that their great, great grandmother had red hair, that their great grandfather went bald in his forties.

proof that we were held tight and fiercely loved by people that are no longer with us.

proof that people who we have lost, lived. that they smiled, blew out birthday candles, rode motorcycles, camped, breathed, lived.

proof that we existed.



What are photos to you? No matter who you are or what kind of photos you take, keep taking them. keep creating proof.

Here are some of my crappy old photos! But I love them dearly! Those moments make up such a huge part of what I am today.


e. broderick photography said...

Awesome. You just made my day. LOVE THIS.

maggie henriques said...

this was absolutely fabulous and definitly the truth. Thank you for being able to put words to why so many of us take more pictures than we can ever have enough albums for, more pictures than we would ever want anyone to see, and why those billions of pictures stored in boxes, and hard drives have so much meaning in our lives! :0) This post totally made my day and I thank you so much for posting it!

Anonymous said...

OH my God,
That is so beautiful! I love, love, love it! You are one special gal!

carla ten eyck said...

what a nice way to look back and remember where you came from

i love it!

Brianna Phelan said...

perfect. seriously perfect. you rock katie. this is amazing.