Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Family: The Tacchi's

These guys are such naturals! I could have photographed them for hours but alas, they were part of my Pics in the Park series and we accomplished a ton in just 20 minutes!

So sweet!

Oh my goodness, I could not get over Avonlea's eyes. They are hands down the most amazingly beautiful eyes I have ever, ever, EVER seen. They were gorgeous and I did nothing to enhance them. Check them out.

I think she is a dead ringer for a far cuter, way sweeter, and supremely more feminine Austin Powers...One Meeeellion babies.

Thanks Amber, Justin, and Avonlea! Hope to see you again soon!




Cheryle said...

I love them all! Oh, those eyes! Proof that amazing pictures can be taken in a very short period of time, even though it is great and satisfying to spend much more with a family so natural and willing. Great job!

I think my favorite is them under the great big tree, but the series on the bench in the beginning are just so precious, moments that will be so dear to them forever, I'm sure of it. You're so great at your job!!! :)

Robin Dini Photography said...

so so so cute! Love the shot of baby flying :) So wonderful!

Beyond The Lens said...

AMAZING!!! Serious cuteness over load. Those eyes are INSANE! Love love love sister friend!

Eileen Broderick said...

Awesome set! Okay--her eyes are crazy-gorgeous. What a cutie-pie. Love the Austin Powers pic at the end--the pinky to the mouth will never be the same.