Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Katie Slater Photography: One Lucky Girl

That's me. Lucky. I am so blessed to have had the experiences that I had in 2009. Capturing moments from about 33 weddings has made a profound impact on my life, from witnessing life-changing moments in other people's lives to memorizing silly songs that are played religiously at each and every wedding, 2009 was an amazing, crazy, unforgettable year of personal and professional growth.

Carla Ten Eyck, who I worked with for the entirety of 2009, just created her best of video which she posted today on her blog. I am going to repost it here as well because I just feel like I have to share it. The majority of the photos come from the pure awesomeness that is Carla and Mike (a couple of the photos are mine). The reason I am reposting this is that I am beyond thrilled that I am a member of this fabulous team of photographers. I am so incredibly blessed to have their talent, wisdom, and laughter in my life. I am indebted to Carla, she has given me more than just a job, she has been the vehicle for dreams fulfilled, she has been my mentor, my friend, forgiven me, laughed with (and at) me, and really just the most fabulous addition to my little but wonderful life. I am so thankful.

Without further adieu... go check out how awesome Carla and Mike are! Enjoy!

Here's to an awesome 2010!

Thank you Carla!!!



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Eileen Broderick said...

I was supposed to go to bed, like, 2 hours ago but this was the perfect thing to top off my night. I am grinning ear to ear. You are all so lucky to work together and to have such fun and to inspire one another and to grow and learn and laugh so damn much!

I'm not sure that is the best song to have stuck in my head before sleeping but...(definitely my 2009 wedding song, tho--kind of the theme for the season, I'd say!)