Friday, December 12, 2008

Taking a Pregnant Pause **Gentle viewers proceed with caution**

My super beautiful, ripely pregnant photography partner-in-crime Andrea, allowed me to photograph her baby mama goodness today. While I would love to be able to post many of the photos I am only posting several of the coolest ones.

**PLEASE READ** If you are not comfortable viewing artistic representations of a partially nude pregnant woman, please do not scroll down any further. While you will not be assaulted by any obvious body parts, several of the photos do reveal a bit more than my typical blog posts. For those of you who will not be offended at the imagery below...enjoy the simple, classic, and not-often-enough displayed beauty of a woman pregnant with her first child.

Congrats Ken and Andrea - you are in for the bumpiest, most fun, fast, amazing, and scariest ride of your life! You are going to love being parents!

Buckle up...this ride's about to begin... :)

Have a fabulous weekend, y'all!!!!




Andi Walpurgis said...

THANK are great and the pictures are amazing...I appreciate everything you do for me...what a great friend you are...

Kim said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful!!

Congrats to the new mom.

Congrats to you Katie for taking some awesome shots.

Chris P. said...

I think these are beautiful! Tastefully done, creative and she's a beautiful woman! How exciting!!

I had some pictures taken of me prego with Tanner and I wish you had done them! I got some great intimate shots to share with Scott, but these are true art!!

Love your stuff! Chris P.

Orchard Cove Photography said...

It was so nice meeting you last night! Thank you SO much for introducing brain is on overload sometimes at the meetings with so many people.

AND these portraits are just beautiful - so varied and diverse but all stunning.

carla ten eyck said...

giiiiirrrrlllll!!!!! WOW, these are beautiful, risky and TOTALLY KILLER!!!!
Andrea is so freaking beautiful and one of the most absolute cutest pregnant women I have ever seen...

wonderful, wonderful job!

Eric Foley said...

hi Katie, it was great meeting you at Carla's house the other night! These are beautiful! I love the silhouette in the window.

Sarah McCoy Photography said...

Beautiful. Absolutely stunning. I love the curves and lighting!