Thursday, September 25, 2008

Babies, Babies, and More Babies!!! Slideshow Added!

Yesterday morning I visited my little friend Ayden (whom you may recall from an earlier post) and his best girl friend, Ella. Though due only a day apart, these two were actually born a couple of weeks apart and are constantly mistaken as twins!

Throughout our visit, Ella talked Ayden's ear off while he listened intently - she is training him well; however, he has been known to drift off even when he should be listening...hmmm, I guess that practice starts at a young age. :) These two are so cute and I was so lucky to have photographed them, they even cooperated during my signature arm shot! Stay tuned for some pics of the two of them together toward the end of the week as well another post including some more pics from last weeks wedding!

Check these two out...can you tell who is who?

All tuckered out...

Gorgeous Ella...

Look at that eye!!