Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Passion - Do you follow yours?

For the past, oh, say 10 years or so, since I graduated from college with an Art History degree (hello?), I have had this vivid, nagging feeling inside that, professionally, I was not doing what I was supposed to be doing. That I was on the wrong road, moving in the wrong direction, somehow the yellow brick road that I had built for myself was not heading toward home, it was heading towards the very, very wrong Oz.

Why do we, as humans, try to move against our grain? Why was I trying to go down a path that didn't fit? Have you ever had a day when you were wearing clothes that were too tight, too small, and very uncomfortable? That's what the feeling was like, but on my soul. It was tight, and I was squished into something that didn't fit right.

It takes courage to turn yourself in a different direction. I applaud anyone who has the strength and fortitude of soul to do so. I think my yellow brick road, actually I would prefer it to be a pink brick road, is pointing toward the right direction now. I wish I had started sooner, but I don't live my life to regret the past. I live only to build on the experiences I have had (positive and negative) leveraging them to help me be the best me that I can be now, and in the future.

Recently, as I was reading a blog post of Jesh de Rox (an amazing photographer / artist / person - go check him out if you haven't already), the following words stuck out in my mind... Jesh wrote, "life's too short to do things you'd rather not be doing. if you're not happy where you are, change. you'll be glad you did." He's right. Change.

So here's my question to you...are you following your passion, are you doing what you were meant to do? Do you love what you do? Even if it's on the side and your not making money...are you still fulfilling yourself? Are you where you feel like you are supposed to be? Or are you not?

If nothing else, at this point in my life, I hope to give my kids the courage to follow their passion, to chase their dreams, to live the life that they were meant to live. I don't want them walking around in something that doesn't fit right. I want them to be fulfilled and happy. And from the deepest part of my heart, I hope I can be the role model they need to understand that fulfilling their dreams is not just a possibility, but a reality.
Go fulfill your dreams.
xo, Katie

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