Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ode to...

My love.

I know that I am not the best writer in the world, there are so many others that are simply fabulous, so eloquently and elegantly styled, and simply amazing word harmonizers. Yet writing is something that is fun for me, and as I continue to wing it through this journey that I am on, I am occasionally inspired by an event, a moment, a person, a sound...

One recent event / sound / tirelessly long-winded moment that occurred was courtesy of my dear, dear husband. He IS inspiring in many ways - his charm, his enthusiastic optimism, his work ethic, his intelligence, his commitment to his health - yet on this night I was inspired not by the things I just mentioned but by a sound that rakes it's long fingernails slowly, loudly, painfully down the chalkboard of my mind.

Due to this inspiration, no matter how infuriating, I penned him a lovely haiku (no, it does not follow traditional haiku rules in 5/7/5, but hey, it's 17 syllables!). It reads:

My Love, Your Rhythmic Thunder
While You Sleep,
Is My Nightly Lullaby.

I love you baby, just please let me fall asleep first?! :)

(For anyone wondering what I am referencing - it's my husband's snoring.)

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